Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Mini Obsession with the Las Vegas Skyline and, other photos from the neighborhood

Sunrise Mountain
Smart phones are the best. I didn't buy in to the iPhone when it first came out. I was very anti-smart phone. My whole logic behind this was, that I sit in front of a computer all day long, I know how to read a map, and my lame phone already takes decent pictures. Well as time went on my blackberry was going the way of the dodo and I needed a new phone. I've been with T-mobile for many of years. Last year I bought a Motorolla MOTO BLUR phone. It's great for taking pictures of my son and uploading them to sites like Picasa or Facebook.

I don't normally take pictures of myself while I am out running. However, when I am out stroller running it is a different story. I'm not going out to hit certain paces.  I notice my surroundings a lot more.

Last year I moved to a neighborhood further east of the Las Vegas Valley. During my weekend outings I notice the Las Vegas skyline.

I love skylines in general. I think New York City has an amazing skyline. But, I think the Las Vegas Strip has  a great skyline that could easily rival any city in the world.
I took this picture in March one afternoon out for a run.

This picture was from over the weekend.

 I think I need a better camera besides my phone. I think I do a better job of capturing the dirt lot in front of me instead of the skyline.


  1. I love the Vegas skyline - it is without a doubt famous and very recognizable. Thanks for sharing Dolly. I miss seeing that view, dirt and parts of the city.

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