Monday, April 2, 2012

11 miles in the wind. I loved every minute of it.

The half is less than a week away. Last Friday I was starting to have thoughts of  "have I done enough".  I went running at lunch time in my new Mizunos. It was 78 degrees I felt sluggish.  I only ran three miles and my new shoes just felt stiff.  Well that night I wanted to give it another go so I ran 6 more miles on the treadmill. On Saturday I took a rest day, it was more of a trade off with my husband. He promised me he would watch our son on Sunday morning. If I knocked out my chores (sweeping and mopping) and shopping on Saturday (Target). It was a deal.

On Sunday morning. I looked out the window and the trees were being whipped around in the wind.  I got up did the typical morning breakfast routine with my son. I let my husband sleep in for an extra hour. Finally it was time to head out. I didn't want to put  much pressure on this last long run.  I took off and the winds were cold. The first 3 miles were easy flat some of it was running into the wind and some of it was at my back. Well after that 3 the climb began. I climbed about 300 feet in the next 3 miles. I had the wind at my back for some of the uphill climb but the majority of it was run directly into the wind. I thought I was going to hurt really bad during this part. But, I was really enjoying it. I was climbing up an upgrade and I got passed by a couple on bicycles (they weren't hardcore cyclists). But when we rounded the corner and were going directly into the wind I enjoyed passing them right back. I kept thinking that running into the wind was like an investment. I knew that on the way back I would be flying downhill with the wind behind me. 
I really felt great.  Even with the head winds  I finished 10.95 miles (I'm rounding up here) in 89 minutes. I used map my run with my phone. It tracked the time but the GPS cut out and I lost some of the split times....  So this run averaged out to about 8:06 per mile.  I know I was taking it easy during the first half into the wind.  The second half I felt like I was flying.  I am hoping to repeat this strategy this Saturday. First half easy, second half  haul ass.


  1. Dolly did you taper off in training the week before the event? I've got three and half weeks before my first half and I have been dealing with a sore left groin muscle (hip abductors). I stopped running and cross trained on the bike and stair climber instead. When I try squats or anything I tweak it. :( If there's a time cutoff, I just hope to cross the line before they cut me off LOL.

  2. Oh wow, I'm so excited for you! Which half are you running? I think you will do well. You have done a century ride! You are tough!