Thursday, November 10, 2011

Red Rock on a Tuesday

I feel that I should be posting this as another long run don't. In hindsight I feel that I did a very foolish thing...

On Tuesday I was on the west side of town (which I am hardly ever on this side of town) I was on this end of town for a computer learning course, we were given an hour lunch break so I brought my running gear with me for a short 45 min run during lunch. Instead of taking a lunch break we decided to push through lunch and our afternoon break so we could get out of class early. I decided to go and run the Red Rock loop. I love this loop it is 15 miles of punshing beauty (1500ft of climbing uphill over 15 miles.)

I parked my car at the back entrance and I ran to the begining of the loop which is two miles away. I started the loop and the climb began. The first 5 miles of the loop climb over 1000ft. I took my time and plugged away like a mountain goat. I stopped at the top of the loop to take pictures. The next 8 miles were a downhill ride but, there were not easy. I was thirsty, cold, and tired. I also started to worry about the what if's. What if I roll my ankle? What if I see a coyote? What if I can't finish the loop before dark? It was dangerous to run this without a buddy and without hydration. Even though it was cold I was still thirsty. I didn't fuel or hydrate properly before this run and I'm lucky nothing happened. Cell phone reception is really spotty or nonexsistent at Red Rock.

I made it back to my car and I was happy to have finished the route.  I streched out my legs and hopped into the car to go pick up my son and do some grocery shopping. I was still driving home an hour and half later and my body cramped up so bad. I had such a bad cramp in my abdomen. My core is still weak from being pregnant and gaining weight.  That night I had the chills and it was hard to get liquids down. My body was rebelling on me for being so foolish. This was my third long run in less than a week. I'm going to back off for the next couple of days and try to get some core work in.

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  1. You are so wonderful, your comment made me smile! I like to think that if I was spoiled with a coach and more hours in the day, I could do some good things....cause as is, I know I train a bit foolishly. Thank you for planting that seed in my mind!

    Your 15 miler with the elevation sounds TOUGH but rewarding. Sorry to hear about the pain that crept up afterwards....sounds rough. My body sometimes rebels against me like that after a healthy and safe!