Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bouncing off of the walls

On Saturday I headed out for my last long run before RNR LV. I ran 10.5 miles and it felt good I took the first half easy and then eased into a negative split second half. It was a sort of dress rehearsal for the big dance on December 4th. Sunday was a rest day, Monday was 3 easy miles on the mill and Tuesday was a 5 mile "Tempo" run on the treadmill. To say I am nervous about next weekend would be an understatement. My nerves are jangling and I can't stop playing race scenarios in my head. Tapering is tough because, you want to have "fresh legs" for the race but, the extra nervous energy gets stored up in me and it has no where to go.

I was tempted to race a 12k this weekend because it's a cheap $5 dollar low key race very close to home. But, I know that I will treat it like an actual race and I don't want to blow out my legs without giving them a chance to recover before the half marathon. My plan for this weekend is just to take it easy and try not to eat to much junk over the holiday break.

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