Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer/Fall of 2017 Plans and a mini rant.

The marathon has passed, and like usual I felt down for about two weeks.  You look forward so much to a goal race, and then when it's over you miss having a goal to look forward to.

I am 100% positive that I will not be racing a fall marathon.  Rock N Roll Las Vegas was a lot of fun last year, and I think I might do the half marathon distance.  But, this race is so expensive that it is still in the maybe category.  There is a much cheaper half marathon option the week before called the Recycled Half Marathon.  This race company hosts a race twice a year to get rid of extra shirts, medals, etc.  The race is in the morning and the course is kind of hilly, it's not as fun as RNRLV.  So, I can't really commit to this race either just yet.

In July I will be racing a trail 7-mile race.  It's part of a 3 stage race series, my friend is trying to talk me into running all three stages for a total of 21 miles in 24 hours.  It sounds doable now.

 But, it is going to be hot as balls in July.  And I think doing all three races may beat me up way too much.  The first race is at 7 pm on Friday night, the next race is at 7 am Saturday morning, and the final race is at 7 pm on Saturday night.  I know for sure that I want to race the Saturday morning 7 am race.  It's right around the corner from my house behind the Sunrise/Frenchman Mountains.
And the Saturday night race is at Whitney Mesa,

I know this park like the back of my hand.  I think the hard part is going to be trying to convince my husband to watch the kids, and then being away from all of them.   My selfish hobby cuts into my family time

I think I may register for the three-stage series, and then try to negotiate running just two of the three races..... I'll keep you posted.

I am 100% sure that I am racing the Revel marathon again next year. I bit the bullet and registered early.  I'm juggling quite a few things right now(more on that later).  If life is too hectic, I will drop down to the half.

Training Updates

We had a mild month of May (for the first three weeks), so instead of strength training, I have been running outside most days.
I haven't been working with my coach since the marathon.  So I'm kind of running like an idiot.  I have been doing some shorter/faster efforts on the road.  No real speedwork, just tempo progression runs, I realized that this isn't the proper way to recover from a marathon, so in order not to run so much tempo I have been hitting some of the close to my workplace trails.

I can get a good workout in without the pounding of the roads, and I really enjoy climbing up the side of a hill.

I'm hoping to keep my mileage in the 15-25 mile per week range throughout the summer months. Over the weekend, Summer arrived in vegas, and I am not looking forward to running on the treadmill.
***Mini Rant****
Yesterday when I was at my workplace gym, I was on the treadmill, running on an incline, and I was really concentrating. I had my headphones in my ears, and this older guy walks up to me and starts cheering me on... Oh man, I did not want to be bothered!! I gave him a scowl and kicked the treadmill up a notch.

Why do people think that this is acceptable behavior?!  It didn't feel encouraging it felt awkward, and I felt like he was totally invading my space.  Usually, I have no problem confronting people, but this person is a faculty member, and I'm a staff member.  So I did not want to get in trouble for being outright rude to him.
***Rant over****

Education/Career Plans
I recently obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration.   I waited about two months so that I could decompress and relax for a bit, but now I have started another block of studying.

I'm hoping to sit for the CPA exam in the next year.  The test is in four sections, so my plan is to study for one section, take the test (pass it I hope), and then move on to the next section.  There is a lot of material to cover. I will still have to do my public auditing hours (about two years worth) before I can get my license.  But, this has been a big career goal, that I have been slowly working my way towards.

I may know that I will not have much time for blogging or racing.  Running is always going to be my number one form of stress relief, so I will always be a runner.   I will try to update you guys on my progress every now and then.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. The trail race series sounds fun! I would totally do it and get injured. Be smart :) It's too bad that RNR LV is so popular: it never gets deep discounts. I always run RNR NOLA because it's only $50 or $60 for early registration. Can't beat that for a full!