Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Revel Marathon Training-Two weeks worth of updates

My apologies for this being a long rambling post.  I just started working with my coach again, and when it comes to describing some of the longer runs, I want to include all of the gory details, and I can go on and on about the little incidentals, and annoyances.

Week of February 27-March 5th
Monday  2/27- Unintentional Rest day- I forgot my shoes at home.

Tuesday 2/28- 9.3 Miles 55 minutes general aerobic, 20 minutes tempo/steady state, with a 1 mile cool down. This run was a bit longer than usual because I was trying to make up for Monday's day off.

Wednesday 3/1- 3.3 miles at recovery pace.

Thursday 3/2- Another Rest day. I had already planned on taking the day off from running. I used flex time at work, to go to my son's class for  Nevada Reading Week.  I read my son's kindergarten class a story.

Friday 3/3-17.6 Miles

As comfortable as my 15 mile run felt the week before, that wasn't the case for my last long run. It was a grit your teeth and dig deep during the last hour kind of run.

On Friday I used a few vacation hours so that I could leave work early, It had been a busy morning but I was looking forward to running during my lunch hour and then just extending the run.  I didn't expect it to be so hot either.  When I ran my 15 miler, the temps were a mellow 55 degrees.  On Friday it was 70 degrees when I got started at 12:30 pm.  The trees were starting to bloom, and I wasn't used to all of the pollen.

I wanted to run a route that would be mostly free from traffic.  So, I headed out to Heritage Park.  I discovered this park a few weeks ago, and it has a nice two-mile paved loop.  Heritage Park is also a short distance from the River Mountain Trail Loop.

My plan was to do a few loops around the park and then head out into the trail loop.  I brought salt tabs, energy chews, water, and Gatorade with me.  I had planned to make a few stops by my car to drink fluid.
I wore a tank top and shorts, but sunblock might have been a good idea too.
I ran three loops around the park, (just over 6.2  miles) I stopped by my car to pound some Gatorade, and I took a small bottle of water with me, I also ate a salt capsule.  I headed up Burkholder road, and the climbing began.
I borrowed this photo from Yelp.
I climbed for a mile and a half and I noticed that my arms were feeling itchy.  I felt like I was holding back during the climb but when I reached trail head, I was feeling pretty tired.  I ate a few chews and I headed through part of the River Mountain Paved trail.   This trail is a wonderful resource for cyclists, runners, and walkers.  But, I always feel spooked because it is isolated, and cell phone reception can be spotty.  It also felt so much hotter near the mountains.
This picture is from a previous
LVTC Holiday Half marathon race.
I made it through the trail portion back out into a different neighborhood I was about 10 miles in and debating on flipping a u-turn back into the trail loop.  But, I decided against it.  I stayed on the residential streets and made my back to Heritage park. I had hoped to pick up the pace during the last few miles, but that was not happening. I ran two more loops around the park and called it a day at 17.6 miles.  Here's the data.

I took a cool shower when I got home but, the pollen had caused me to break out in hives on my arms.

Saturday 3/4- Rest

Sunday 3/5- 7.3 miles general aerobic with hills and strides.  It was cool morning.

 37.6 Miles for the week

The week of March 6-12
I reached out to my coach Brent Bowers again, to help me prepare for next month's race... I wasn't able to reconnect with him until I finished up with school.  I didn't want to have the additional stress of hitting workouts, and I didn't have any extra cash. Last month I was running, and doing some tempo work. But, now I feel that we are going to kick things up a notch.

Monday 3/6- 45 minutes general aerobic and 20 minutes tempo.  The first 20 minutes of the General aerobic pace felt hard.  I was still feeling tired from the last long run.  But, during the tempo portion things went well.  I ran most of the route uphill, and the tempo portion was downhill
I wanted to practice downhill
tempo pace
Tuesday 3/7- 4.4 miles recovery with strides.  I kept forgetting things all day long. I forgot my Garmin, I forgot to bring my hat. etc.

Wednesday 3/8 6.2 miles- 20 minutes warm up, strides, 4 x 800 at half marathon pace. I haven't done intervals in over six months.  And these hurt.  I ran two miles to warm up, and I did a few strides, In between each 800 I jogged for .25 miles.  Here's the data: 3:42, 3:35, 3:35, 3:36  Then I ran a short cool down.  I think these may have been faster on a track, and not around the business park.

Thursday 3/9 3.5 Miles recovery.  Hello, Heat!  Today Las Vegas hit 80 degrees.   I do not want to carry my handheld bottle just yet.

Friday 3/10 13.1 Miles 2 miles warm-up, 10 miles at Steady State, 1 mile cool down.  I had hoped to do this run in the morning.  But, I had a few meetings that morning, that I couldn't reschedule.  I used flex time and took, an extended lunch break.  There was a little bit of cloud coverage, but the sun beat me up during the 2nd half.  I chose a route that was sort of flat, and it was an out and back course.

Part of the route was on busy roads, but I did manage to run a few miles in the Wetlands Park.  I made sure to turn off my headphones while I was in the park.  It's a beautiful area, but I needed to be aware of cyclists, and possibly sketchy folk.  Homeless people sometimes camp out in the wash.

these pictures are from another time I was out at the wetlands.

I stopped twice briefly once at mile 5 to buy a bottle of water, and towards the end of the run, I got stuck at a red light.  I was really hurting during the 12th mile. But, overall I'm happy with how this run went.  Here's the data.

Saturday 3/11- Rest Day

Sunday 3/12 - 6 Miles,  This was a hilly run, at recovery pace.
I never get tired of staring at these mountains.

You can see the Las Vegas Strip in the distance.
40.2 miles for the week

The Revel Marathon is now 44 days away.  This marathon seems like it is sneaking up on me.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Whoa! I didn't realize your marathon was so soon! Cool that you're back with your coach. It's nice to feel like it was a big enough boost to hire him again. And I foresee another successful race! Your runs have looked strong.

    1. Yeah I feel a little foolish signing up for a marathon since I was barely getting over an injury in Dec/Jan
      And I was supposed to be tearing it up in the gym this spring. Knock on wood my foot is feeling good, and I'm only going to take a two week taper.