Monday, February 13, 2017

Running Updates-Oh Boy!

I've been a super lazy blogger.... I've been busy with school but, I did want to update you guys on my running post injury.   I'm sorry if this post ends up being all over the place.  I'm kinda mixed up about how I feel.

Let me get my big announcement out of the way first.....I decided to register for the  Revel Mt. Charelston Marathon.    A part of me is so excited to race at the end of April.  But, another part of me is "WTF are you thinking?"

The Revel Mt. Charelston course is a crazy steep down hill cheater cheater pumpkin eater course.  I will show you the elevation profile.

This makes the St. George Marathon look tame.

I realize that by running this marathon, I may have a really great chance of destroying my legs, and possilby reinjuring my foot.....  So why did I sign up for this?  I'm dumb or smart depending on how I look at this..... My biggest motivation was that I wanted to try to BQ again before registartion opens up in September.   I also do not want to train for a fall marathon this year.   I love Rock N Roll Las Vegas.  (never thought I would say that, but I had a good race last year).  

Training for a fall marathon means lots of long runs during the brutal Summer months.  In Las Vegas, our Summer is on steroids.  And last year she was a beast!   I think I might still race the half but, getting back to Revel.

Another reason that I recklessly registered for this marathon, was because my old running partner/run BFF now lives in Washington, DC and she got me excited and fired up about running, and we were going to run this race together..... Turns out, I registered and then the marathon sold out before she had a chance to. Womp.... Womp......I'm actually still closet training for this race.  I haven't told my husband yet.... Running eats into family time, and I know that marathon training can stress my family out.  My husband knows I'm training for something, but I'll drop this bomb in a few weeks after I finish my MBA program.

Revel is 11 weeks out, and at the beginning of March, I will start working with my coach Brent Bowers again.   He really did a great job of taking the guesswork out of pace, effort, and distance.  I did so much more of my running at an easy/relaxed pace.  But, I also did a crap ton of strides, and he changed my attitude of the long run.  I used to think that I had to do my long runs at marathon goal pace the majority of the training run.  By slowing down I was able to build up my endurance base, but not having to log 50 miles a week either. I was averaging in the high 30's and peaked at 45 mpw.  I really can't fit much more mileage into my schedule.  I also didn't feel exhausted or burnt out.

Running updates
I feel that I sorta eased my way back into training.....Here's what my last six weeks of running have looked like

I did my first long run of 13 miles last Friday, and it felt okay.  I am focusing on base building to build up my gas tank.  I am also being cautious about my pace. About once a week I will head out to different running  trails with big hills.

I will go into further detail about some of these runs in my next post.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Exciting and looking forward to following your BQ quest!

    1. Thanks, I hope I can provide informative content. :)

  2. Having struggled with figuring out the right way to balance grad school/work/running/blogging I've found myself being a pretty bad blogger at times this year too (but also a pretty good student so at least my priorities are good!).

    This looks like a good course for attempting a BQ. Can't wait to see how you do!

    1. Juggling is so hard sometimes. Good to hear that your graduate program is going well for you.

  3. That's funny you don't do fall marathons because it's too hot for training... I don't do spring marathons anymore because it's too snowy in Michigan for training! Let's work out a running/training homestay program, haha!

    1. That would be excellent! I carry a water bottle or wear a hydration vest April through November. And at last year's RNR Vegas the daytime high was 78 seriously?
      I do enjoy our mild winters though.

  4. Well it sounds like your foot is feeling good, to log that mileage! Exciting news about the upcoming race.