Monday, December 5, 2016

RunDollyRun- More like RestDollyRest

The marathon has come and gone, and I suffered a little post race blues.  This happens when I have a big event, and then the event happens and there are no more running races in the near future....

I felt a little lost after completing a structured training program for 14 weeks straight.   It was nice to have a coach tell me "Run x amount of miles @ this pace for x amount of time".   Here's what my mileage has looked like over the last three weeks.
The first week after the marathon. I rested almost the whole week and did very light stretching and body weight exercises.     The first Sunday morning after the marathon I left the house thinking I would run 5-6 miles.  I came back after three and a half, and my husband was asking "is everything okay?"  My body just felt tired.

The following week was  a rough week.  I had two mid-term papers that I needed to finish before we left for Thanksgiving travel. I wasn't sleeping well, or eating well, and I only ran three times.  We traveled to Oxnard to visit family, and I managed one early morning run on Thanksgiving.
I saw the sunrise on Thanksgiving

The farm fields of Oxnard are so inspiring.  The best strawberries in
the world are grown here. 

The three times that I did run, I kind of ran at tempo effort.  Again, no training program means that I'm more likely to run faster (for me) than I should....

Last week.  I jumped right back into some steep hill climbing without giving it much thought. Last Monday I climbed 550 feet. I took Tuesday off, and Wednesday I headed out for a short trail run.  

My Selfie game is weak- This is my "what are you staring at?" face.

I climbed a little over 300 feet and, I managed to mess my foot up pretty good.  I ran just fine on it, but later on that day my foot really hurt...... I took Thursday off, and I wore my supportive shoes on Friday and ran two more miles... I could run, but my damn stride is way off.

This has been a nagging injury that I dealt with during marathon training.  And I remember promising myself that I would back off on my training once the marathon happened.

All this time I thought it was plantar fasciitis...... 

Well after Dr. Googling my symptoms it appears that I have posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
I borrowed this photo from the Runners Connect.

at the most severe, I could possibly have a stress reaction in my medial malleolus (inner ankle bone).

I have always prided myself on the fact that I have never had a long term running injury.  But, I think my luck has finally run (ha ha) out.... I didn't realize how bad this could get.  

Walking has become painful after I run and that shouldn't be happening.   I'm lucky that I was able to train for a marathon, and I was really looking forward to signing up for races in the upcoming months.... But, I need to start healing and rehabbing.

I'm sad (obviously)  I have three more months of my MBA program left, and running is how I deal with stress.

But, this is an accountability post.... I'm writing this out that I will not be running for at least two weeks....  I will be lifting weights and trying to learn some yoga.....

Pity party table for one please.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! But you will heal - and you can use this time for strengthening to come back even stronger. I hope you start improving soon.

    1. Thanks Gracie-I'm feeling lost, I managed to get back into really good shape in 2013-2014 after I had my daughter, and then the diminishing returns started happening. I plan to really focus on strength training in he gym. This too shall pass.