Sunday, February 7, 2016

4x1600's and some food pictures.

I had 4x1600's on my calendar, and this workout always makes me a little nervous.  I didn't want to run these on a treadmill, however running them on the street is very dangerous in the high traffic area near my workplace.

I headed over to the park that has a dirt track that is approx .35 miles long. I ran two miles to warm up, after the first mile I stopped my watch to use the bathroom and stretch. During the second mile I did some form drills (A-skips, butt kicks, side stepping, and high knees). I also did a few strides to warm up. The temperature was a crisp 41 degrees at noon. I needed to make sure that I was warmed up probably. I also decided to wear my trail shoes for this workout. I wanted to get used to running tempo pace in them, in case I decide to wear them for the half marathon.

I did the first repeat 7:21, I had to share the track with the city workers who were maintaining the landscaping.  They didn't seem to happy to share the track with me. I switched directions for the second 1600, and according to my Garmin I  ran a 6:53.. That didn't seem right. I don't think I ran the repeat that much faster and I was worried that the track was skewing my data, so I did my last two repeats on a hilly bike path and on the streets surrounding the park. I hit both of those intervals at 7:10. After the workout I ran almost two miles to cool down. Here's the data:

Some Food Pictures
I'm still a vegetarian and during my marathon training last fall I would show you pictures of my food.  I kind of fell out of the habit,  but since I discussed weight loss recently. I thought it might make sense to show you some of my typical meals.
Breaded Eggplant over microgreens, with melted cheese.

A batch of vegan muffins.
These are my homemade cliff bars.
Homemade Cliff Bars
Pan roasted veggies.

I know Brown rice is healthier, but I still prefer white rice.

Red potatoes that I like to microwave
for lunch.

Pinto and Black beans are
A big staple of my diet.

Vegan chili, with those
red potatoes.

Potato chips for when I really need a salt fix.

Another one of my favorite snacks.
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Home made pomme frites.

I eat at least one banana a day

I'm still trying to kick my diet coke habit. When I first stopped drinking alcohol, I really leaned on diet soda as a drink replacement/behavior modifier...
Now I drink a lot more unsweetened carbonated water, but every so often I will crave a fountain soda.

Beet juice on the left, Diet crack on the right.

I'm going to post the rest of last week's workouts in my next post. I had a killer run on Friday. But, today I'm laid out with a nasty cold. I hope this isn't the flu.

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry for the wonky formatting issues. (I'm typing on a tablet)

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  1. I drink waaaaaaay too much diet root beer. I've never tried to cut back, though.