Friday, March 13, 2015

I Forgot My Shoes, and Baked Bread

Today is an unplanned rest day for me.  I have plenty of running gear in my desk drawer, but I forgot to grab a pair of shoes on the way out the door this morning. Hmph...  I was really looking forward to running today,  It's a cloudy day and the temps are only going to hit the low 70's today.  Next week I'm staring straight faced into the mid to high 80's.   We don't get much snow in the winter  out here, but, on the flip side our summers in the Las Vegas Valley are pretty brutal.

Training updates, well sort of

This past weekend I also took the whole weekend off from running.   I ended up pulling weeds on Saturday, and that was a pretty good workout.  I actually really enjoy pulling weeds. I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, and pulling weeds is one of the chores where I can just zone out.  I enjoy the smell of the dirt too.

On Sunday I made my first batch of home made bolillo rolls.  A bolillo is the Mexican version of the crusty French baguette.   I started baking bread last year, and it has become a stress reliever.   I also enjoy eating the results.

I think I could have worked the dough a little bit more on
these.  They were not as light and fluffy as I had hoped.

On Monday I made a loaf of sandwich bread, but I'm a bad blogger and I didn't take any pictures,   The first loaf came out great.   Then later on in the week- I attempted to make the same loaf again, and my yeast didn't set properly and I ended up baking a brick in the oven :(.

*Now for the running updates*

Monday 3/16-  Just a little shy of 8 miles.  The weather was warm, and I ran a flat loop around a busy congested area.  The air quality was terrible.  My allergies are bugging me, but its too early in the year for full time treadmill running.

Tuesday 3/17- 3 mile run on the treadmill, with some circuit training at my workplace gym.  The gym was crowded.  I did mostly body weight exercises; Planks, push ups, body weight squats, crunches.

Wednesday 3/18-  I wrote the beginning of this blog post on Wednesday- Man the weather was nice that day too!

Thursday-3/19  5 miles with some tempo pace thrown in.I actually drove a few miles away from my work-  Sometimes running at lunchtime can be a real pain in the ass.  Everyone is in a hurry to leave the parking lot, and the surrounding roads are congested.  I usually have to run 2 miles of "ugly" (business parks & industrial areas) before I find a nice stretch of road.  I ran the first 3 miles up the hill, and then I was treated to two miles of downhill fun.  Here's the data and elevation profile.

Friday 3/20-  I'm going to head over to the gym, after work today.  I'm hoping to do a short run, and some weight training.   

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