Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Latest Workouts and WIAWR

We are about one month away from the Las Vegas Marathon and I'm going to run hopefully 16 miles tomorrow morning.  My legs are feeling the mileage but, in a good way.  I'm tired but, I don't feel overworked (yet).  While I'm out running I'm also trying to practice things like eating on the run and running the first half of some of my longer runs without music.  26.2 miles is a long race and I don't want to be trying to figure this stuff out during the race....

My Latest Workouts and What I Ate While Running

Tuesday 10/7- I ran 5 hilly miles on my lunch break and my legs felt so much better than the day before.  The weather is starting to cool off and I am able to leave my handheld bottle behind (finally).  I ran 5.23 miles in 44:53 (8:35 average).  This route also climbed 310 feet.

Wednesday 10/8 1 ran 12 miles.  I was hoping to run anywhere between 10-13, so I was pleased with how this run went.  I didn't have time to buy any energy gels so I just grabbed some food from the pantry.  During my run I ate two Golden Oreos; the first one between miles 4 and 5.  It tasted great and I didn't need any water for the first cookie.   At mile 8 I ate the second cookie and it was a little harder going down without water. Shortly after that I ran inside a store to buy a bottle of water.    I also carried a piece of fruit leather with me but, I didn't end up eating it. Here is the Garmin data.

There were quite a few stops between red lights and one
bathroom pit stop.  I know that the clock will keep on running
during the marathon.  I need to be mindful of the total time spent

The first mile climbed 126 feet.

 I ran the first 8-9  miles without music.   I sometimes speedup unintentionally if a good song comes on the radio.  I really want to focus on holding back and negative splitting during the marathon.

Thursday 10/9  Rest-  I thought I was going to be sore but, my legs were just tired.  I stopped by the local running store and I picked up a few energy gels and chews to try out.

Friday 10/10  I ran a little over 5 miles, and they were hilly.  I did this run on Friday evening because I wanted to practice running at night.  The Rock n Roll Marathon starts at 430 in the afternoon. When  I took off it  was breezy and close to dusk.  I ran without music or a Garmin.  I ran the same route that I ran last weekend...  I wish I would have brought my phone because I got to watch the sunset behind the mountains on the other side of the valley.
Now imagine the sun setting....

Saturday 10/11 Rest

Sunday 10/12 I ran 9 miles with some tempo pace in the later miles.  It was a chilly morning.  I wore my black fleece vest... I'm hoping to buy a new running vest before the marathon.  One that is moisture wicking/ more breathable.   When I run I wear a Nathan running belt.  I love that thing to death but, I hate racing with it.

I ran the first 5 miles without music, and at mile 6 I ran inside a convenience store to buy a bottle of water.  I also tried a Peanut Butter Heed Energy Gel.  It wasn't sweet at all, which was a pleasant surprise.  It went down easy and I didn't have any trouble digesting it either.  It gave me some energy so I sped up a little during the later miles.  Here's the data.

I stopped my watch when I bought the bottle of water

Monday 10/13- On my lunch break I did some strength training and I ran 4 miles.  I haven't been in the gym in almost a month.  I didn't want to workout, but working out my upper body makes me a stronger runner...  I did some Roman chair leg lifts, push ups, bicep curls, shoulder raises, shoulder presses, lat pull downs, and cable press downs.   Then I ran close to 4 miles (3.99 miles) in 33:18 (total and elapsed time were the same) @ 8:21 average pace.

Tuesday 10/14-  I ran 3.99 miles before work.  I ran yesterday's route again.  It took me 33:46 (total and elapsed time were the same)....

Tomorrow  I have 16 miles on the schedule.  I'm nervous... But, once I'm out there running it doesn't seem so bad.

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