Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Latest Workouts and The Runner's World Cover Contest #RWCoverContest

Since the 1600 meter race I haven't been doing any formal speed work.   Instead I have been greedily logging miles and base building for fall half marathon season.  We have been treated to some sort of nice weather due to the monsoon season out here.
During monsoon season our weather systems will come up from Mexico and merge with the Jet Steam causing extra cloud coverage, cooler air, and magnificent thunderstorms. 

Workouts Since My Last Update

I took two rest days after the 1600 meter race to let my body recover and to look over my race performance with a fine tooth comb.

Wednesday 7/2 -Rest 
Thursday 7/3- Rest, I also took the day off from work to get a four day weekend with the kiddos. 

Friday 7/4- 3 miles at recovery pace 9:06 per mile.  That night we stayed up late to watch the fireworks.

Saturday 7/5- Rest

Sunday 7/6- 10 miles.  It seems like it has been forever since I have ran that far.  It was a nice cloudy morning and I took my time. I ran 10.05 miles @ 8:48 per mile. I stopped my Garmin for about 3-4 minutes to stop at a convenience store to refill my handheld bottle with ice and water. 

Monday 7/7- 5 miles at lunch time outdoors.  I must really hate the treadmill... It was 95 degrees when I left, but because of the cloud coverage it felt cooler.  I ran 5 miles and I averaged 8:24 per mile.  I did stop my watch for about a minute or two to purchase  a bottle of water.

Tuesday 7/8-  Treadmill speed work-  I didn't want to do speed work in the morning before work. So I ended up doing it on the treadmill...  I did some 400's and 200's at an incline.  I warmed up by jogging for 7 minutes. I then stopped the treadmill to stretch. I ran 4 x400 meters with a 400 meter jog for recovery.  I did these at 8.8-9.0 mph at 2% incline for the interval and my recovery was 6.5 pace (8:48 per mile) at 1% incline.  After that I switched the intervals to one minute hard effort, one minute recovery effort.  The total workout was about 5 miles.

It's pretty hard to run all out on the treadmill.  The highest speed I will attempt to run on that sucker is 9.0mph (6:36 per mile). I won't go any faster because I am so afraid of tripping and wiping out.

That being said I sometimes don't feel like I am pushing myself as hard as I can go.  So I will kick the incline up on the tread mill to about 1%-3% incline while I run the intervals.

Wednesday 7/9-  I ran a little over 3 miles in the morning at recovery pace. 

Thursday 7/10 - Rest

Friday 7/11 - 8 Miles Tempo Progression Run on the treadmill.  I ran this on my lunch break. I had such a good endorphin buzz that I decided to enter the #RWCoverContest.  More on that below.

Saturday 7/12- 7 miles around the neighborhood. 6.95 miles @ 8:13 pace
Sunday 7/13  8.6 Miles @ 8:52 per mile.  I was able to get out of the house early before both of my kids woke up... I think this was a first for me. 

Monday 7/14- No running, but I lifted weights and worked on my strength during my lunch break.  I'm always trying to find new ways to improve my running economy.  I have been working on increasing my core strength by doing push ups, sit ups, Roman chair leg lifts,  & planks.  
I don't really like to lift heavy when it comes to working out my legs.  Some of my favorite exercises include using a Bosu ball.
I like to do body weight squats and lunges.  I will also take turns balancing on one foot, while standing on top of the BOSU ball.  Its a great way to improve foot and ankle strength.  

Tuesday 7/15- Two a days... I ran 4 miles in the morning before work.  I tried to do this as a tempo run, but I felt sluggish in the morning. Here's the split times.
Mile 1 8:17
Mile 2 8:34
Mile 3 8:27
Mile 4 7:45

I ended up running the same 4 mile route on my lunch break and I did it just a little bit faster.
Mile 1 8:15
Mile 2 8:03
Mile 3 7:59
Mile 4 7:15

Wednesday 7/16
I worked out on my lunch break, I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill and then I did some strength training.

Runners World Cover Contest

I decided to throw my hat into the ring for this contest.  I have been a regular reader of Runner's World for almost as long as I have been a runner.  I'd like to think that I encompass what Runner's World is all about.  I eat, sleep, and breathe this sport. After my husband, and my kids this is what brings me so much joy.

 I tend to spend most of my disposable income on running shoes and race fees.

Here is a link to my entry submission.

I'd also like to throw a shout out to my new readers from GOMI.  Welcome to my blog. I love my hamcats!!

ETA: I noticed a few typos and gramatical errors. I was in hurry when I posted this.

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