Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hot weather season is coming fast, and my latest workouts.

I'm going to have to start modifying my lunchtime outdoor workouts.  The weather warms up much earlier out in the desert.   My days of running outdoors at lunchtime are numbered.

 I'm going to try to last a few more weeks by carrying a hand held water bottle with me.

  I will fill it half way with water in the morning and freeze it.  Then fill the remaining half with water.  I like to spray water on my head and the back of my neck when it gets really warm. It keeps me cooler.

Workouts since my last update

After the Mustang 50th Half Marathon my parents came into town to celebrate the Easter weekend with my husband and children.  It was a great visit.  However, I ended up getting a stomach virus on Marathon Monday (April 21st). I got so sick and I didn't have much energy to run. I took almost a whole week off from running.

April 20-24-Rest and Relaxation. I was so happy to be home on Marathon Monday (April 21st). My mom watched the Boston Marathon with me.  During the last 15 minutes of the men's race I was jumping up and down and screaming at the TV. Go! Meb Go!!!!  My kids got so excited we were all jumping up and down when he won the race.

Friday 4/25- I went for a three mile shake out run.  No Garmin

Saturday 4/26 Rest

Sunday 4/27  I ran 6ish  miles with some hills.  No Garmin

Monday 4/28- Track work.... I finally got to meet up with my friend Nancy again to do track work. We only have a week or two left before it is too hot for lunchtime track work. I did a short workout. I didn't want to push myself too hard. I'm still recovering from the half marathon.  My workout was 6x400 with 200 meter jog recovery.  Here's the data:  90, 93, 93, 91, 85, 91

Tuesday 4/29  Circuit Training and ran 5 miles.  I did a few chest and ab exercises, then I ran almost 5 miles
4.96  miles @ 8:18 pace.

Wednesday 4/30 Rest

Thursday 4/30  Tempo/Progression run.  I drove to Cornerstone park and I ran laps around their jogging paths.  This is a great place to run tempo miles.  The jogging paths are closed to traffic.  I ran almost 5 miles again (4.81 miles)
Mile 1-7:54
Mile 2-7:53
Mile 3-7:51
Mile 4-7:41
Mile .81- 6:18 (7:48 pace)

Friday 5/2  I ran 3 shake out miles. No watch or radio.

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- 5/4  7 hilly miles.  No watch or Garmin.  

Monday 5/5 Track work.  10x200's and 2x100's.  I wanted to do some shorter/faster intervals to work on my leg speed/turnover.  I jogged a mile, stretched, and did some form drills.  I also jogged 200 meters for recovery in between the intervals. Here's the data: 10 x 200 (43,41,42,41,43,42,42,42,42,42)  Halfway through the workout I ran around the track in the opposite direction.  2 x100 These hurt. I ran the first one in 18 seconds and the second one in 19 seconds.  I did a short half mile recovery and I stretched my legs in the evening.

Tuesday 5/6  Circuit training. Today I did lunges and kettlebell squats.  My legs were already a little sore from the track work yesterday.  I used a 15lb kettle bell for both the lunges and the squats.  I also did some push ups and planks.  After that I ran 4 miles at recovery pace.  No watch or Garmin.

I'm trying to make it a habit of not wearing my Garmin when I am running recovery runs. I know I just raced a half marathon a little over two weeks ago.  I'm not doing myself any favors if I'm stressing out over my paces on runs that are supposed to be easy and fun.

I plan on taking a rest day tomorrow, my legs are tired.


  1. My legs are tired too, LOL. But not from running. I haven't ran much this year and the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Running Relay is less than two weeks away! Thanks for the tip about freezing water in the bottle for running. It gets hot here during the summer in Reno and freezing cold water will be good for a lunch time run!

  2. It is getting so hot... I run on the treadmill does that count?! Haha, I live in Arizona, way to hot! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire