Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 x 400 One last speed workout, more shoe talk, and my race goals.

I was surprised to see a track workout during the final week of training. I had considered skipping this workout, but I'm glad I did it anyway.

Workouts since my last post

Tuesday 4/8- Speed work. 6 x 800 @ 10k pace. I ended up doing this workout on the street instead of the track.  I found a residential neighborhood with little traffic and I ran around the same few blocks several times.   I also want to add that it was a pleasant 78 degrees when I did this workout.

I didn't want to risk injuring myself so  I did a proper warm up. I jogged a mile, ran some strides, stretched my legs, and then jogged another half mile.  I gave myself a 90 second jog recovery in between the intervals.  Here's the data.  3:19, 3:20, 3:22, 3:25, 3:40 (This was on a slight incline and I was falling apart). 3:19.
After my workout I jogged another mile and I stretched.

Wednesday 4/9 Rest Day

Thursday- 4/10  Tempo/Progression Run    I'm feeling kind of sluggish because of the taper.  It was also a warm afternoon.  It was 81 degrees when I left.  I started it out at an easy pace and I sped up throughout the run.
Mile 1- 8:42
Mile 2 -8:54
Mile 3- 8:18
Mile 4- 8:00 (I stopped my Garmin during this mile to buy a bottle of water.)
Mile 5- 7:39
Mile 6- 7:14
Mile 7- 6:49

Friday- 4/11
I ran 4 recovery miles. No radio and no Garmin.

Saturday- 4/12 Rest Day

Sunday - 4/13 I ran 5 easy miles with a few strides at the end.  No watch or Garmin.

Monday -4/14 I ran a little over 3 miles at 8:30 pace.

Tuesday 4/15-  My last track work session. 6 X 400 @ 5k pace.   I took a few vacation days this week to be at home with the kids during spring break.  I was able to go to the high school track right around the corner from my home.    At first I was a little nervous about this workout because I'm not used to to doing speed work so close to a race.   But, this workout helped me get some of the jitters out.  The pace felt harder than what I was running, but at the same time I felt like I was holding back. If that makes any sense.   Tapering is such a weird thing mentally.  Here's the data.
1:40, 1:42, 1:41, 1:42, 1:45, 1:35

I then jogged a mile home and stretched.

Wednesday 4/16 Rest

Thursday-  I plan on running 3-4 miles easy and then, no more until Saturday Morning...

More Shoe Talk
Four years ago I purchased a pair of Brooks Launch running shoes.  These came out before their pure project line and I bought them to wear for racing only.  I only go to  wear them twice. I wore them to race a half marathon and I also wore them to race a 5k.  I was actually pregnant with my son Samuel at the time I raced the 5k and I didn't know it.  After that race I put my shoes away in the closet.  I never forgot about them.

After I had my son I got back into running and racing again.  I still had some baby weight to lose and I didn't see the point of wearing racing flats if I"m still carrying 10-15 extra pounds.

Last year when I was getting ready for the Saint and Sinners Half marathon,  I tried these shoes on again. They felt stiff and tight and they didn't feel very stable at all.  I was very close to donating these shoes to the goodwill but, I didn't.

On Sunday I saw them sitting in the closet and I tried them on....  I would have never guessed that after four years that they fit just right.  I wanted to make sure that these shoes were not dry rotted from being old so I ran 5 miles in them and they felt great.  I also wore these for my speed workout on Tuesday.

Race Strategy and Goals
I plan on doing a proper warm up on Saturday.  I want to run at least a mile to warm up and I want to stretch out before hand.  I would like to average 7:15 per mile but, I want to ease into this pace and negative split the second half of the race. I would like to hit 7:30 for the first mile or two and then drop down to 7:15 pace during the first 2-10 miles. I really want my splits to be even.  For the last 3 miles I want to drop down to low 7 minute mile pace.

C goal-  Run a consistent race.  Running 6:45 pace means nothing during the first 3 miles if I'm finishing the race at an 8:15 pace. 
B goal-  Run a sub 1:35 half.  I hope I can accomplish this.  

A goal-  Get as close to 1:33 as possible.  It's possible.

I would like to place in my age group and or overall but, I have no control over who else is racing.  I can only focus on my times.  To say I"m excited is a big understatement.  

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