Thursday, August 29, 2013

LVTC Low Key 8k

Last Saturday I ran an 8k that my local track club was hosting at the Sunrise Picnic Area. I am so familiar with the out and back course along the bike trail. I knew this would be a good workout and a way to check out how much I'm improving.

I lined up near the front and my plan was to hold back and then really try to hammer it hard the second half.

I had to reign myself in during the first mile because I was seeing 7:15 pace on my Garmin.  I eased off  and I hit the first mile at 7:35. 

At the  beginning of the second mile a young boy and his father caught up to me, then another man joined our group.  We were all kind of running the same pace so, I ran with this group for the next mile and a half.

When we approached the turn around point I noticed that there was another female ahead of me.   I turned on my ipod when I hit the turn around point and decided to try to catch the lead female.

With a mile to go I was able to catch her and I remember telling myself "okay now we just have to run the fastest mile of the workout. you can do this"  I really felt strong through the whole workout.

Here are my spilt times
Mile 1-7:35
Mile 2-7:33
Mile 3-7:29
Mile 4-7:16
Mile 4.98- 7:00 (7:08 pace)

An 8k is just short of 5 miles.

Not the best picture I've taken but, it's progress :)

I'm really trying to focus on negative splits and holding back during the first half of races.  I have always been a  "kicker" but, I also have a history of going out too fast during a big race and blowing up during the last few miles.  I hope that I have enough discipline to follow my negative split strategy during the upcoming half marathon.

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  1. Way to crank it up, Dolly!! Do you find that listening to your iPod helps you to find a rhythm and running cadence or...? On the treadmill I listen to music but when I've tried on the road, I've found that I can't seem to keep my breathing and cadence on any regular rhythm. I don't know why.