Wednesday, January 23, 2013

16 days to go and my plans for 2013.

36 weeks pregnant.
I am officially 16 days away from my due date. Unless the baby decides to get here early, I will be going in for a scheduled C-section on February 8th. To make a long story short I had a C-section with my first born and I had the option to try again for a traditional birth but, I decided against that.

They say that each pregnancy is different, and I would agree with that statement.  I had much worse "morning sickness" with this pregnancy and my cravings for fruit and sweets were much stronger this time around.   Other physical symptoms that are new this time around include congestion and nosebleeds. 

Sleeping at night is getting much more difficult because of fluid retention. My hands are falling asleep and it feels like carpal tunnel syndrome. I also am waking up at 2am for no reason and it is hard to get myself to go back to sleep.

I think I may have begun nesting, I am always buying extra at the grocery store to stock up. I have washed all of the baby laundry, and I have organized things by size.  At work I am trying to tie up loose ends before I go on maternity leave.

In other news my little boy just turned 2 years old.   I'm a little worried that he may become jealous of the new baby. I'm also worried that he might freak out while I am away at the hospital. This will be the first time I have been away from him overnight.   A part of me is a little sad that he isn't going to be my "baby" anymore and that the dynamic between us will change when his little sister arrives. So, I am just trying to give him as much attention and cuddles as I can right now.

I realize that my life is going to be super hectic with a new addition to the family and eventually going back to work.  But, I am getting so excited about running again!!! I will have to fit it in one way or another.  I have been missing it so badly.  I plan to start out slowly with walking and then when the Dr. gives me the "OK" I will start with running a few miles at a time.  I was pretty ambitious about running after I had my son. For my birthday that year I wanted to be able to run 10 miles to celebrate.  I ran 10 miles and it wasn't pretty but, I liked the fact that I had set a goal and I met it.  I was about 10 weeks postpartum when I did that long run.  I don't think I will be able to run 10 for my birthday this year (April 3rd) I will be only about 7 weeks postpartum and I don't want to push myself too hard too soon. 

I have two half marathons latter on this year that I am starting to day dream about.  The first one is the Saints and Sinners Half Marathon it's at the end of October and the course is really fast.  The next half will be in December and it will be hosted by our local track club.  I will not be participating in the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  The race is way too expensive in my opinion and I do not like racing at night.

I hope to start posting again on a more regular basis. 


  1. Looking good! And still at the gym! First borns do seem to be in for a big change when they meet a baby sibling, hope he adjusts in no time. And hope you are back to ten miles in no time! Take it easy and happy 0 birthday on feb 8 to th baby!

  2. You are super cute (as is your son). I hope all goes well in the next few weeks and that you can get more sleep while you can.

    My older brother was a little younger than your son (22 months) when I showed up. I don't remember if he had a tough time adjusting to me, but do know that while my mom was giving birth to me, he was getting a nice cut on his head from running around in my grandma's house and bumping into furniture. We always got along well as kids and I totally looked up to him. I was shy and he was outgoing so it really helped me open up. I think things will be okay and he'll adore his little sister (most of the time).